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Ume Plum Vinegar

  • About This Item

    Umesu has the qualities of vinegar but it is actually the salty-sour plum juice that comes from the ume plums when they sit packed with sea salt in our umeboshi making pickle buckets. Its red color comes naturally from red shiso leaves.  "Su" means vinegar in Japanese, so "Ume-su" literally means a vinegar of ume plum. Use it in dressings, sprinkle it on steamed or stir-fried vegetables, or add a dash in soups and braises as “kakushi aji” (a hidden taste). 4 fl oz


    Ume Shizuku (umesu deluxe) This is what we think of as the deluxe version of umesu that is extracted in the final stage when they jar the umeboshi plums. Very limited production. This beautiful, red-colored, thick liquid tastes brightly tangy and salty. 12.7 fl oz


    Super delicious and super small batch specialties from our favorite local, Japanese ume producer Yume Boshi! Taste through their whole line up: UmeboshiUme SyrupUme Pineapple Guava ShrubYukari Shiso Seasoning and Shiso Syrup




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