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Umeboshi Pickled Plums

  • About This Item

    Tangy and salty, Umeboshi is a savory plum pickle made of fiercely tart ume plum, colored naturally by red shiso leaves. Yume Boshi achieves their soft texture, bright tartness, and beautiful red color from authentic traditional methods.


    A Japanese meal staple, long regarded as a folk remedy for colds and flus, stomach aches,  hangovers, morning sickness and more! Eat it with steamed rice, add to soups and braises, or use it in sauces. Stronger taste than your usual pickle; so a little goes a long way!



    Super delicious and super small batch specialties from our favorite local, Japanese ume producer Yume Boshi! Taste through their whole line up:  Ume SyrupUme Pineapple Guava ShrubUme Vinegar, Yukari Shiso Seasoning and Shiso Syrup



    • Small: 4.5 oz
    • Large:  9 oz     

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