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Our mission is to nourish and enrich our community through traditionally preserved foods and flavors; to share in the nostalgia of these ancient traditions and enjoy their healthful benefits. We aspire to create a community resource to empower and inspire a greater connection to food through :

Group of students out front of our shop holding jars of kraut made in class

Experiential Learning

Our bi-weekly workshops and private events bring people together to learn the simple art of preserving and fermenting in our community classroom. We host a variety of teachers including chefs, local makers and cookbook authors to lead our diverse assortment of classes. 

Access to Resources

Our shop offers healthful and hard-to-find artisanal food products, alongside a selection of accessible, high-quality do-it-yourself supplies. 

Customized Food Project Advising

We take pride in featuring customized advising, inspiration and troubleshooting for your new or ongoing food projects. 


Owner, Elizabeth in front of the shop leaning in the doorway

Elizabeth Vecchiarelli, owner and founder of Preserved, has over 15 years of experience with local, sustainable and handmade food. Partway through her food career, Elizabeth began to desire a more intimate connection with the food and beverages she loved, so she embarked on a journey to learn how they were made. She started (literally) from the ground up, learning sustainable farming practices through the work-travel organization, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Preserving the harvest from her urban garden was a natural next step. Inspired by Sandor Katz’s book, Wild Fermentation, she was soon experimenting with the alchemy of fermentation.


Through a combination of formal training, insatiable curiosity and extensive home experimentation, Elizabeth continued to explore the flavors and health benefits of traditionally-preserved foods, beverages and herbal medicines. She interned with the Teutonic Wine Company in Oregon, where she learned how wine can be made naturally using only ambient yeasts. She learned to make yogurt and fresh cheese at home, then leveled up to making aged raw cheeses at Garden Variety Cheese Company in Watsonville, CA.  


Driven by a desire to understand why traditional preservation methods nourish our bodies as well as our taste buds, she studied Holistic Nutrition at Bauman College in Berkeley, California.  


Elizabeth continues to be driven by the desire to learn, create and share the joys and health benefits of traditional culinary techniques at Preserved. Opening Preserved has allowed her to continue exploring preservation techniques and to share these ancient practices with her community. Not only are we preserving food, but together we are preserving tradition.

Favorite Ferment: Honey Fermented Garlic

Shopkeep Isabelle sitting on a river rock with trees and boulders in the background

Shop Fermentation Maven, Isabelle Luzuriaga is always curious and loves to learn new things. After finishing Holistic Nutrition in Bauman College in Berkeley, California, she's eager to further her understanding about the benefits of fermented foods and their connection to overall health and wellness. Kombucha was her first step to fermentation, and now she is excited to expand her “fermentation station” in her home kitchen. Joining the Preserved Team in the middle of a pandemic has brought her overwhelming joy and happiness in a strange time. Isabelle loves spending most of her time outside with nature and reading books of all sorts. She also loves the Farmers’ Markets and exploring local food and art scenes.


Favorite Ferment: Ginger-raspberry kombucha. Isabelle believes kombucha and ginger are soul mates!



A Backyard Shed Shop with doors open and displays of kitchenwares and books

Preserved began in 2015 as a pop-up shop on historic Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, California. We were generously supported in this endeavor by our friends at Good Neighbor, a Piedmont Avenue boutique that celebrates handmade homegoods. What began as a pop-up shop soon developed into a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership.

We built a 100 square-foot cedar shed in Neighbor's beautiful backyard (a rare gem in a busy retail district). Some called it the Tiny Shed of Wonder. The Tiny Shed housed a small but essential assortment of canning and fermentation supplies and DIY kits. Outside the shed stood two picnic tables where we hosted our bi-weekly workshops.

Over the course of a year, Preserved and Neighbor helped foster a community of DIY enthusiasts eager to learn and share. In 2016, Preserved was ready to move to our own independent storefront in Oakland's Temescal neighborhood. We expanded our offerings of kitchen supplies, incorporated a diverse selection of artisanal groceries and steadily increased our DIY workshop offerings. Here, Elizabeth's dream of creating a community space to learn about and share traditional food preservation methods has been fully realized.

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Preserved is located at 5032 Telegraph Avenue, in fabulous Oakland, California. 

We are open Wednesday - Saturday

11am - 6pm, Sundays 11am - 5pm

In-Store Pick-Up available for online orders, select this option at checkout.

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