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Yukari Shiso Herb Seasoning

  • About This Item

    The red shiso leaves give the distinct red color and flavor to the Umeboshi Plums; they sit together for months in the pickling bucket. After the aging process is done, they take them out, sundry them, and make into a delightful condiment. It has that bright tanginess from the plums and still assertive shiso flavor. 


    Mix in steamed rice, as a popcorn seasoning, on eggs, avocado or sprinkled on a fruit salad (such as melon, fig, etc.)


    Super delicious and super small batch specialties from our favorite local, Japanese ume producer Yume Boshi! Taste through their whole line up: UmeboshiUme SyrupUme Pineapple Guava ShrubUme Vinegar and Shiso Syrup

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