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One Cup Tea Infuser

  • About This Item

    This One Cup Tea Infuser is the best way to brew loose tea. If you've ever used a tea ball, you know how frustrating they are. This one-cup infuser is made of micro mesh stainless steel that fits inside your mug. Just add tea and hot water. When your tea is ready, just lift the infuser out of your mug. It's that simple. The handy silicone lid keeps in heat while your tea is brewing. When your infusion is over, just flip it over and rest the infuser on the lid to keep your counter clean.


    Dimensions: L 4.25" x W 4.125" x H 3.5"


    Use to brew Flowerhead Teas, Dao Ren Green Tea, or Assam Black Tea for a perfect cuppa'! 

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