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Camino + Broc Cellars Red Wine Vinegar

  • About This Item

    Intoducing an exciting red wine vinegar collaboration between Broc Cellars and Camino’s Allison Hopelain and Russ Moore! Allison and Russ start with a 100% Zinfandel red base wine from Broc that’s then aged for 5 months in an oak barrel. This vinegar is strong and smooth with depth of flavor. It’s great in a vinaigrette to dress a chicory or any lettuce salad. It also works well with cooked vegetables, like greens or peppers. A very small amount of bottles were made so don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this fun and tasty collaboration to your pantry!


    375ml bottle


    Add Camino Rose Vinegar or the original Camino Red Wine Vinegar to your pantry as well or start your own homemade vinegar with a Vinegar Mother Culture

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