Emile Henry Bread Cloche

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    You can expect crispy crusts and moist interiors that rival any bakery using the Emile Henry bread cloche but its versatility makes this piece one you can use for roasting meats and vegetables too. The rounded shape of the cloche is identical to a traditional domed bread oven, to ensure that your bread has the required level of humidity during the cooking process. Their innovative refractory ceramic will enable you to get a nice, thick crust with a firm, light inside.


    Dimensions: 13.2" x 11.2" x 7.0"


    Capacity: Holds dough for yeasted bread recipes with up to 4 cups of flour (makes about a 2- 2.5 lb. loaf of bread.)

    All Emile Henry products are made in France and offer a ten year manufacturer guarantee.

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