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Red Boat Reserve Fish Sauce

  • About This Item

    After moving to the United States, Cuong Pham was hungry to recreate the flavors of his childhood in Saigon. But not even the vibrant Asian markets of San Francisco offered the intensely fragrant first-press fish sauce, nước mắm nhĩ, that Cuong remembered from Vietnam. So in 2011, Cuong decided that if he couldn't find it, he would make it — and started Red Boat Fish Sauce made from 2 simple ingredients, anchovies and salt! 


    At 50°N, this is the highest grade fish sauce in the Red Boat lineup. This super small batch first pressing is usually reserved for the Phams, but is now available for a limited time at Preserved!


    250 ml


    Make it a Kimchi Kit by pairing it with Gochugaru Kimchi Chile and Seaweed Flakes

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