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Organic Einkorn Flour

  • About This Item

    Arguably the world's oldest cultivated wheat, Einkorn’s flavor is mild, nutty and round, dark and mysterious. Also known as “farro piccolo,” Einkorn is the oldest member of the family that includes Spelt and Emmer. Its ability to develop strength may be disappointing but is also one of the reasons it’s easier to digest than wheat. In fact, many people with wheat sensitivity find they have no problem with Einkorn. In baking applications, you’ll find it's great for dense vollkorn-style breads, pan breads, shortbread crusts, artisan flour blending and in sprouted applications. Central Milling’s Organic Einkorn wheat flour is finely milled 100% whole.


    Net wt: 5 lbs


    Note: We cannot support more than 2 items per order due to shipping limitations.

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