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Pickled Red Shiso Leaves

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  • About This Item

    The heirloom red shiso leaves, which are a member of the mint family, have a distinct Japanese aroma that is more pungent compared to the green shiso leaves you may see in a sushi restaurant. These red shiso leaves are actually what give umeboshi their vibrant red color. Three simple ingredients come together harmoniously to create this savory, tangy pickle by massaging the leaves gently with sea salt and then brining them in organic white vinegar. To enjoy, chop it and mix in with freshly steamed rice, roll in a rice ball, or even as a topping for pasta, vegetables, or meat dishes, or mixed in a dressing. 


    Super delicious and super small batch specialties from our favorite local, Japanese ume producer Yume Boshi! Taste through their whole line up: Umeboshi,  Ume SyrupUme Pineapple Guava ShrubUme VinegarYukari Shiso Seasoning and Shiso Syrup

  • Ingredients

    Red shiso leaves, sea salt, organic white vinegar

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