While sugar feeds and sustains the kefir culture, not all of the sugar is consumed through initial fermentation. The sugars that remain will contribute to the sweetness of your end result. When you bottle your brew, some of those remaining sugars will also continue to fuel the fermentation in a sealed bottle. This is known as secondary fermentation and it creates carbonation naturally. (More on that in this post on bottling & carbonation.)


Infuse fresh or dried herbs & spices. When using denser spices, coarsely grind to release their aromatics. Experiment with flavors of ginger, hibiscus, cinnamon, vanilla bean and more! Infuse with fermented Water Kefir for 1-2 days in a jar with a tight fitting lid. Intermittently “burp” the jar to release the pressure building. Strain and bottle.


Blend tart fruit juice like lemon, lime, grapefruit or pomegranate with fermented Water Kefir to taste, then bottle. Start with 1 tbsp of juice per quart.


Blend prepared herbal teas like elderberry, dandelion root, sassafras, turmeric, or ginger. Simmer roots, herbs, barks & dried spices in enough water to cover for 20-40 minutes. Let cool, strain and blend with fermented Water Kefir to taste, then bottle. Start with 1 part herbal tea to 3 parts Water Kefir.

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