The kombucha SCOBY is an incredibly hardy microorganism, where mold growth is actually rare. But if you do experience mold, it will develop on the top of your brew, where it's exposed to oxygen. If you do experience mold, you MUST DISCARD EVERYTHING and start with a new SCOBY and starter liquid from your SCOBY HOTEL, or purchase a new SCOBY from us!

Remember, mold on kombucha looks like mold on any other food. It's colorful, fuzzy and spreads quickly. Brown, stringy, or clumpy yeast sediment in your brew and attached to your SCOBY is a normal part of a healthy brew. While unusual looking, kombucha yeast looks very different than mold. When in doubt, email us a photo of your brew at

Two side by side photos of the top of a kombucha brew. The one on the left shows fuzzy white and bluish-green mold spots. The one on the left shows a brown yeast blob with some bubbling around it.


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