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Reserve your extra SCOBYs in what is referred to as a SCOBY Hotel!

Create a similar setup to your basic brew: use a 1/2 gallon to a gallon size jar, 2-4 cups of fermented kombucha and top it off with a couple cups of the sweet tea outlined in the Classic Kombucha recipe. Cover the jar with a loose lid or muslin cloth and keep it in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Intermittently top up your “hotel” with more fermented kombucha or sweet tea any time the SCOBYs need more liquid to cover them completely. It’s not uncommon for a brand new SCOBY to form on top. 

Use your SCOBY hotel if your culture gets compromised with mold or for experimental batches of kombucha. Spread the "culture" by sharing SCOBYs and a couple cups of your strong "hotel" fermented kombucha starter liquid.

Scoby piles in a large jar, aka scoby hotel


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