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Ginger and turmeric both have amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and they taste great together. Ginger is also a nourishing digestive aid and helps support immune function.


3-4 quarts plain kombucha

2-3 inch piece of fresh, organic ginger root

1-2 inch piece of fresh, organic turmeric root

Scrub your roots clean, but don't peel them. Grate or chop finely, making sure to catch any juices that collect. Turmeric stains, so use gloves or expect orange fingers! Combine with your already fermented kombucha in a large jar with a cloth cover or loose lid. Infuse in a warm spot, out of direct sunlight for 1-2 days. Strain and bottle. See our Classic Kombucha recipe for bottling instructions.


Conventional roots are irradiated and impede fermentation. Use organic!

Glass of ginger turmeric kombucha

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