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Fishwife Cantabrian Anchovies

  • About This Item

    Fishwife's anchovies are so rich and buttery! They are sourced from Europe's first and only MSC-certified sustainable anchovy fishery using the purse seine fishing method. We especially love that they are packed in high quality, extra-virgin olive oil. Enjoy with good bread and butter, simmered into a rich tomato pasta sauce, or stirred into a caesar salad. 


    The anchovies are preserved through a salt-curing process for six - twelve months then hand-packed by a third-generation, family-owned cannery on the Cantabrian coast.


    Don't forget to pack Fishwife's Smoked Salmon with Chili Crisp, Sardines, and Trout in your picnic basket too!


    Net wt: 1.73 oz 

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: Anchovies (fish), organic extra virgin olive oil, salt.

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