Fermented soy beans with a funky aroma and earthy flavor! While often served with a bowl of rice, soy sauce, spicy mustard and an egg; try mixing it with just about any grain and condiment for a fast, highly nutritious, protein-rich and satisfying meal.

INGREDIENTS 2 lbs (~4 cups) soybeans, organic preferred if available 2 teaspoons of pre-boiled water (boiled in order to sterilize) 1 spoonful (0.1g) natto starter culture (tiny measuring spoon included with culture)

Rinse the soybeans and soak for 9-12 hours (longer soaking time recommended in winter months) at a ratio of 3 parts water to 1 part soybeans. Drain the beans in a colander or sieve. Fill a large pot with fresh water and boil for 9 hours. (If using a pressure cooker or Instant Pot, follow manufacturer’s instructions for cooking beans).

Drain the cooked beans (if necessary) and return them to the pot. Measure out 0.1g of the Nattomoto culture (using the special spoon included) and dissolve into 2 teaspoons of cool, sterilized water. Immediately pour the natto spore solution you just made over the beans while the beans are still warm. Stir the beans and water mixture thoroughly. Carefully spread thin layers of the beans into each of the 3-4 shallow glass containers. Place sterilized muslin over the top of the containers and place a tight-fitting lid over the containers. Incubate at 100º using our Brod & Taylor Proofer or following another Fermentation Incubation Hack and allow the natto to ferment for 22 -24 hours making sure that the 100ºF temperature is maintained. Check for slimy texture, ferment a few hours longer if needed. After the fermentation period let the natto cool for a couple of hours before removing the lid and cloth. Replace the lid and store the natto in refrigerator overnight. The natto can be stored in refrigerator and enjoyed over 4-5 weeks. (Some like to let it age in the fridge for an additional week to age and develop stronger flavors). Smaller portions can be stored in the freezer and thawed for later use.

Natto on rice