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This is a softer, more tender version of the our classic tofu made with gypsum.

STEP 1: Make Your Soy Milk

Making your own tofu requires homemade soy milk as most store bought soy milks contain additives like preservatives and stabilizers. Alternatively, you may be able to find freshly made soy milk that only contain soybeans, water and (optional) salt at your local Asian grocer if you're lucky!


1 cup dried soybeans

2 quarts filtered water for soaking 

2 quarts filtered water for blending 

Soak soybeans in 2 quarts of water overnight. Strain and rinse soybeans. Add softened soybeans and 2 fresh quarts of water to a blender and blend until smooth. Strain the mixture a nut milk bag. Save the soy pulp, aka okara, for use in baking!

Heat the strained soymilk in a heavy-bottom pan to 212ºF (100ºC). Remove any yuba (tofu skin) from the surface of the milk (and save/eat the yuba - it's so good). Hold this temperature for 20 minutes, using a thermometer to monitor. Stir frequently to prevent burning.

STEP 2: Make Your Tofu


2 quarts homemade soy milk

1/2 cup of filtered water

If you have taken a break after making soy milk, reheat the the milk to approximately 165F. Or let your freshly made soy milk cool to 165F. Remove any yuba (tofu skin) from the surface of the milk (and save/ eat the yuba).

In a large, wide 4 quart bowl (it needs to be large enough to hold all the soy milk, plus extra room to pour easily), combine the gypsum with water. Stir into a slurry.

When the soymilk is at 165F, transfer to the soy milk to a heat-proof pitcher. Give the coagulant mix another swirl to make sure the gypsum is evenly suspended in the water (it’s not water soluble so you may notice that while your milk was heating up, the gypsum has sunken to the bottom).

Quickly, pour hot milk into the bowl evenly, from height of ~6 inches, creating an eddy (or wave) to integrate the coagulant fast, without creating too much foam. Do not hesitate during your pour. Make it swift and continuous, as the coagulant works FAST! Leave the bowl undisturbed to form a solid custard-like curd. Wait 3-5 mins to set.

Carefully scoop your silken tofu into a bowl using a wide flat cooking spoon. Enjoy immediately with sweet ginger simple syrup or savory tamari and accompaniments. Or refrigerate and consume within 3-4 days.

Recipe adapted from Hodo Soy Foods


You can also use the silken tofu base to press into a firmer tofu. While the silken tofu is still hot, roughly break up the curds and whey with a spoon.

Transfer the curds while still hot using a slotted spoon into a tofu press, or other creative strainer, lined with muslin cloth (a tight woven cheese cloth). Place a follower lid on the forming container, followed by small weight of 3-5 pounds (a jar of water or canned good can serve as the weight). Allow to sit for 20 minutes or so.


Empty the resulting block of tofu into a tub of cold water and allow it to sit for another hour, then store the tofu in the refrigerator and change the soaking water daily.


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