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Yami Yami Pate de Fruit

  • About This Item

    The ultimate treat; an adult fruit snack for the elevated palette! Pâte de fruit are traditional french jellies with a succulent texture, made with a high fruit content and set with apple pectin. Hand poured and vegan-friendly, Yami Yami's pâte de fruit is handmade by Yamina Merzoug Castro in Oakland with organic fruits from local farmers. 


    Apple + Rye Whiskey is infused with artisanal rye whiskey from Wright & Brown, adding a wholesome warmth to sweet Organic Sommerfeld apples.


    Fuyu Persimmon has a delicate flavor reminiscent of mango and honey with a little tang. That warm falvor and a deeply succulent texture that melts in your mouth is what makes it one of our winter favorites!

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