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Tofu Press (for Store-bought Tofu)

  • About This Item

    Easily squeeze water from store-bought tofu without it breaking or crumbling apart with this easy-to-use tofu press. Pressed tofu results in an improved texture and taste. Once water has been pressed out, tofu acts like a sponge that absorbs more flavor from sauces, dressings, and marinades. The tofu also splatters less during the cooking process.


    The tofu press features specially designed drain channels that help direct water away from the tofu so it doesn't get reabsorbed. Works equally well laying flat or on its side. Simply loosen the locking knobs, raise the top drain board, lay the tofu between the drain boards, place the press onto a dish or in a pan, and tighten each locking knob to squeeze the water out. Easy one-time assembly. No need to disassemble for cleaning. Hand wash only.


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