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Tiffin Lunch Box

  • About This Item

    These compact tiffins are a reusable, lightweight carrier that have a self-latching top container that can be used solo for snacks or smaller meals. These stainless steel tiffins are great for both hot and cold food, perfect sizes for kids' lunches, and compact enough to tote on your commute to the office.



    • 3 -Tier Stacked Tiffin: 6 3/4" x 4 3/4", Holds 2 cups in top and middle tier and 2 1/2 cups in bottom tier.
    • 2 -Tier Stacked Tiffin:  5 1/2" x 6", Holds 4 3/4 cups per tier.



    Pair it with our To-Go Ware Utensil Set for for the perfect sustainability kit!

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