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Kombu Seaweed

  • About This Item

    Culinary kombu seaweed sustainably harvested from the California coast. Heidi Hermann of Strong Arm Farm hand- harvests seaweed in the summer months along the Sonoma coast, and dries it for your year-round enjoyment. Deliciously edible seaweed varieties flourish in the chilly, nutrient rich waters of the rough-and-ragged Sonoma coastline. 


    Best in soups of all kinds (miso, chicken, chili, curry, Japanese dashi stock, etc.) The silky algin/alginates of this seaweed act as a thickening agent and help break down fibers in beans.  Kombu has the highest content of naturally occurring glutamates, which imbue a satisfying umami taste and mouth feel.


    Pair it with our Bonito Flakes for a Dashi Making Kit, following our Dashi Recipe!


    Net wt: 1 oz

    Servings: 30-35 servings in each bag

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