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Queens Dwenjang

  • About this Item

    This jujube infused fermented soybean paste is a super delicious take on the Korean staple. Hand harvested and fermented in Apple Valley, California. Use in glazes and marinades, sauces, soups, stews, and more! 


    Net Wt 10oz (280g)


    Queens is a modern Korean Superette based in San Francisco.Try Queens Gochujang, Queens Baechu KimchiQueens Baek KimchiQueens Chojang, Queens Ssam Jang, and Queens Jangajji too! 


    **Refrigeration required immediately upon opening. Fermented products are prone to leakage during transit due to the natural build up of CO2 in the jars. Please consider this before placing your order. We are not responsible for leaking jars.

  • Ingredients

    organic jujube, soybean, malt powder, sweet rice, sea salt

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