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Jacobsen Sea Salt Tins

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  • About This Item

    Jacobsens Salt Co's infused pocket size salt slide tins are perfect for gifts,  picnics, camping, or lunch on the go.  Choose Habenaro for a smoky, spicy kick of heat, Black Garlic for a slightly sweet umami flavor, Lemon for a clean, concentrated citrus flavor, or the bright and briny Flake Salt with a delicate crunch. Can't decide? Collect them all!


    We got your home pantry needs taken care of with too with Jacobsen's Pure Kosher Sea Salt and Pure Italian Sea Salt


    Lemon Net wt: 0.36oz (10gs), Flake Salt Net wt: 0.46oz (13gs), Black Garlic Net wt: 0.38oz (11gs), Habenero Net wt: 0.42oz (12gs)

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