Bread Couche

  • About This Item

    Bake baguettes like a professional!  The best bakers use a couche (coosh) which is a canvas cloth that is untreated and unbleached, to rise the dough.  The canvas keeps the dough’s shape and its surface dry as it rises, forming a very thin “skin” which, when baked, develops into a crackly crust.

    Measures 36” x 26”
    70% flax/30% cotton

  • Use and Care Instructions

    To use the couche, dust it with rice or white flour, then place the baguettes in the folds until they rise and transfer to a baking stone to bake.  Do not wash the couche, but rather allow it to air dry then dust off the excess flour. Allow the yeasty dough to remain to help impart flavor and texture to the dough the next time it’s used.  Store the couche in a zip lock bag in the freezer.