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Burlap & Barrel Za'atar

  • About This Item

    Burlap and Barrel's spectacular za'atar is blended at origin in Palestine with locally grown herbs, sesame seeds and sumac. Za'atar is a blend named after its key ingredient, a Levantine species of oregano that flourishes in the region's characteristic arid conditions, and it also includes sesame seeds, sumac. Za'atar tastes savory, deeply herbal, piney, nutty, tart and peppery. It's a versatile spice best used in savory baked dishes - grilled chicken, roasted vegetables, chickpeas, with labneh or on top of flatbread or naan.

  • Ingredients

    Za'atar (Origanum syriacum), toasted sesame seeds, sumac, salt, citric acid

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