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Rancho Gordo Hominy

  • About This Item

    The essential nixtamalized grain, prepared in small batches, for hominy stews.

    After a gentle simmer, dried hominy opens up like a delicious flower and is ready to use in soups, stews and the classic southwestern and Mexican dish, Pozole (or Posole). The corn is prepared by removing the skins after soaking them in the mineral lime (cal), which changes the flavor (for the better) and releases the niacin, making this slightly processed grain healthier than simple dried corn or cornmeal.


    Cooking suggestions: Add the cooked grain to chicken stock, some rehydrated chiles, meat and vegetables for the classic dish Pozole (or Posole). You can also use cooked posole in salads, soups and stews, or tossed with some beans or bitter greens. Leftovers can be pureed for hominy grits.


    Pairs perfectly with Rancho Gordo Beans!

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