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Handmade Wooden Cheese Press

  • About This Item

    This USA-made, custom Cheese Press comes with an innovative design that makes pressing cheese easy! No need for pressure gauges or weights. 


    • Perfect to make all types of hard and semi-hard cheeses.
    • Ergonomically designed handles and followers to reduce the stress to your hands and fingers.
    • Comes with 2 hoops, now larger and taller than other presses, to prepare a 1 lb to 5 lb cheese! Smaller hoop designed for use with 1-2 gallons of milk; Larger hoop designed for use with 3-5 gallons of milk.
    • Designed to accept the hoops in perfect position every time!
    • Hoops are made of food-grade, heavy duty PVC. Professional cheese makers prefer this type of hoop over the metal hoop type, as it won't cause too fast of cooling the cheese during pressing time as stainless steel does.
    • Made with all food grade materials, will last a very long time, sturdy hardwood with heavy-duty stainless steel fasteners.
    • Easy to use; small enough to just place it into baking pan to allow for draining... therefore no mess, no fuss...
    • Finished wood with 100% Organic Non-GMO, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil... no odors, no chemicals, natural for food contact, makes the wood water proof.  All you need to do is reapply your own wood oil of choice to keep it protected from water intrustion. 
    • We use real cherry wood, not plastic. Latest research confirms that wood inhibits bacterial growth, which is not the case for plastics such as melamine. Now you know why everyone is going back to butcher block cutting boards!
    • No need for gauge... as you just turn to tighten as whey is released. So Simple!
    • With proper care, this cheese press will last a lifetime! (gentle soap and warm water, no dishwasher!) Just wipe it down, let it dry, and reapply oil of your choice.


    Dimensions:  Base approx 7" X 7",  Unit Height 11", Large Mold 7" tall, 6 1/2" Diameter; Small Mold 7" tall, 4 1/2" diameter.

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