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Collective Cultures Hot Sauce

  • About This Item

    Vinegar free, raw, alive, and probiotic, this hot sauce is complex and very versatile. This is a naturally fermented sauce, so it’s a bit effervescent. Don’t shake too hard or you’ll get hot sauce in your eye!



    Golden State Pickle Works stocks the modern food lovers’ larder. Based in Napa, they take advantage of the bounty of northern California to make delicious artisanal fermented vegetables and condiments. 5 oz Glass Bottle



    **Refrigeration required immediately upon opening. Fermented products are prone to leakage during transit due to the natural build up of CO2 in the jars. Please consider this before placing your order. We are not responsible for leaking jars.

  • Ingredients

    Chilies, water, salt, garlic

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