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Diaspora Co. Aranya Peppercorns

  • About This Item

    Grown on the Parameswaran family farm, where Parameswaran and his son Akash have been naturally farming pepper for over 35 years, amidst passion fruit, tigers, and the largest collection of bamboo and palm varieties in the region! Their Aranya pepper is vine ripened, hand harvested with utmost care to ensure maximum flavor and unreasonably tasty.


    She's complex and deep like nice wine, and still got a nice fruity heat in the back. 


    Diaspora Co is on a mission to decolonize the spice trade and bring us the freshest, most flavorful, sustainable and equitable spices.


    Everyday Tin Net Wt 1.87 oz (53 g)

    Chef Tin Net Wt 8.6oz (244 g)

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