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Diaspora Co. Baraka Cardamom

  • About This Item

    The wild cardamom Diaspora spent over a year sourcing and just can't seem to keep in stock! With a fragrance so heady you can smell it from outside the box (!!!), it's notes of licorice, mint and pine are deeply nostalgic. It's so potent you need half as many pods as you usually would, and it will make the best cup of chai you've ever had. 


    Grown by the Chacko family amidst black pepper, coffee, and flowers on their estate turned wild food forest! As a pioneer in the natural farming movement, Mr. Chacko is one of the only farmers that has been able to domesticate a wild cardamom variety that thrives without pesticides, and is still beautifully aromatic! 


    Diaspora Co is on a mission to decolonize the spice trade and bring us the freshest, most flavorful, sustainable and equitable spices.


    Net Wt 1.41 oz (40 g)

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