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Cheese Mold Powders

  • Penicillium Candidum (ABL)

    A classic white mold powder used to ripen and flavor cheese. This mold powder provides low proteolytic activity, moderate lipolytic (aroma), low surface density and height and is used to achieve a moderate-slow ripening time.

    This mold powder is great for Brie, Camembert and Italian style cheese like Robiola. It is also ideal for goat cheese such as Crottin, Valencay and St Maure.

  • Geotrichum Candidum (GEO15)

    A white mold powder is yeast-like in appearance, with a mild flavor and aroma. It's used for a variety of lactic cheese, and mold ripened cheese, including Brie and Camembert (paired best in conjuction with Penicillium Candidum). 

  • Storage

    Storage: Store in the freezer

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