Capay Mills Sonora Wheat Flour

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    (During SIP we ask customers to respectfully limit their orders to 1-2 bags of flour per order to ensure equitable distribution. We are restocking weekly.)

    Grain farmer David Kaisel offers stone-ground flour milled from heirloom, organic grains. The result is fresh whole-grain flour that keeps flavor and nutrients intact.

    Properly known as ‘White Sonora’, Sonora is one of the oldest varieties of wheat grown in North America and can be used as an "all purpose" flour for breads and general baking.

    Variously classified as a soft or hard spring wheat, Sonora produces a pale golden whole grain flour noted for it’s mellow flavor and elastic gluten, making it ideal for making flour tortillas, flatbreads and pizza. With it’s light color, Sonora flour more closely resembles unbleached white flour than other whole grain flours with darker bran and fiber. 

    Net weight: 2 lbs

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