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Benriner Mandoline

  • About This Item

    The Benriner Mandoline is a professional piece of equipment that no chef should be without. Its sharp super high quality stainless steel blades provide a clean and sharp cut to any vegetable, creating consistently sized pieces that cook evenly and look great. Thickness can be adjusted from a super-thin .3mm to 5mm. Made from handcrafted Japanese stainless steel blades and BPA-free plastic.

    • Standard : The classic 12" model 
    • Standard with Catch Tray: Equipped with a tray for catching your slices, keeping your cooking area clean. The tray also has a rough surface which can be used for grating garlic, ginger, etc. 
    • Super Benriner: New and improved Benriner mandoline. Updates to this classic design include a wider blade and cutting area for larger vegetables, a wider a non-slip base and a more accurate setting adjustment. Same great blade! 

    All Mandolines include: Finger safety guard, and 4 interchangable blades: straight edge; fine, medium and coarse tooth julienne blades.

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