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Artequeso Manchego Cheese

  • About This Item

    This unparalleled raw milk Manchego is exclusively produced using sheep’s milk collected from local herds. Once the milk is collected, Artequeso Manchego cheese is produced following only the strictest of artisan traditions, during which cheesemaker Alfonso Alvarez and his staff keep absolute control over each step of the cheese making process: this includes curd cutting, whey drainage, salting, and finally drying. Once the make process is complete, each wheel is carefully tended to during the affinage process, with particular attention devoted to controlled temperature and humidity levels. 6 oz.


    **Refrigeration required immediately upon opening. Fermented products are prone to leakage during transit due to the natural build up of CO2 in the jars. Please consider this before placing your order. We are not responsible for leaking jars.



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