Four 13.5-oz cans of additive-free coconut milk* (it's okay if it includes guar gum)

1 Tbsp. Great Lakes Gelatin 1 packet Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture

Heat coconut milk to 110°F. Remove one cup of coconut milk. Sprinkle gelatin into this cup slowly while mixing well with a whisk. Add this mixture back to the rest of the coconut milk and mix well. Stir in culture.

Keep it warm at 110° in a yogurt maker or try one of our Fermentation Incubation Hacks that will maintain the temperature for 6-8 hours. Shake or stir and refrigerate. Yogurt will not thicken until after refrigeration time. Thickening may take up to 24 hours.

*For an even thicker yogurt, use just the coconut cream that rises to the top of the cans.

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