(Yield: one gallon)


1 gallon of unpasteurized raw apple juice 1 gallon jug with airlock Pressurized glass bottles Wine yeast (optional, see notes) 1-2 Campden tablets, crushed (optional, see notes)

Fill your jug with apple juice. Add wine yeast and crushed Campden tablets, if using. Secure jug with an airlock. Allow to ferment until it stops bubbling, around 3-4 weeks. Without agitating the jug, siphon off the cider into pressurized bottles. Do not pour cider into bottles, as you don't want to mix in the yeasty sediment at the bottom of the jug. At this time you may add 1/2 teaspoon of raw cane sugar sweetener or fresh apple juice directly to the bottled cider to boost the carbonation.


For wild fermentation to occur it is important to source farm fresh apple juice that is raw and unpasteurized. Raw apple juice has the naturally-occurring yeasts that are necessary for wild fermentation. If using pasteurized apple juice, you must inoculate the juice with wine yeast. Campden tablets are used to kill off any naturally occurring yeast or bacteria, which means the only culture in your cider will be the wine yeast you have added.

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