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The best tasting and healthiest vegan cheeses are made in the same way traditional dairy cheese is made - through the magic of fermentation!


Time & Location

Video Recording

Previously Recorded Virtual Class

About the Event

This is a previously recorded, live, virtual workshop from our Pandemic Preserving from Home Series. We are sharing these videos at a discounted rate for those who missed the live series. While you may not be able to ask questions in real time, you can always email us at

In this online workshop we’ll be demonstrating how to make your own vegan, fermented, nut-based cheeses!

You can join us during class or simply watch, take notes and create on your own time!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create your own starter culture to ferment your own vegan cheese
  • How to create the best cheesy flavor for your non-dairy cheeses
  • Which tools you need for success
  • What ingredients work best

What you’ll need to make Cultured Nut Cheese with us:

Culture of choice (choose one of the following three)     

Advance Prep:

  • 5-7 days before class Make your own Rejuvelac (unless you are using one of the other recommended starter cultures
  • The morning of class, (about 10am)  soak all 2 cups of nuts in a bowl with plenty of water for 8 hours.

Copyright 2020 Preserved. Any unauthorized use, dissemination, copying, or storage of this recording is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.


  • Discounted Class Rate




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