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Have you always wanted to make jam but never knew how? Are you a seasoned jam maker who wants to improve your skills? Now is the perfect time to become an expert on this time-honored craft!


Time & Location

Video Recording

Previously Recorded Virtual Class

About the Event

This is a previously recorded, live, virtual workshop from our Pandemic Preserving from Home Series. We are sharing these videos at a discounted rate for those who missed the live series. While you may not be able to ask questions in real time, you can always email us at 

In this online workshop we’ll be demonstrating how to make the most flavorful fruit preserves with master jam maker Rachel Saunders, founder of Blue Chair Fruit Co. and author of The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to make seasonal fruit jams without added pectin
  • How to preserve jam using the oven-canning method
  • Which tools you need for success
  • What ingredients work best

What you’ll need to make jam with us:

  • A scale 
  • 3 lbs organic blueberries, blackberries, olalliberries, boysenberries or rhubarb (trimmed and cut into 1" pieces) or a combination thereof. (Frozen berries are ok! Other spring and summer fruits will be discussed in class but require advanced prep, therefore will not be able to make in real time with us.)
  • 1.5 lbs plain cane sugar
  • Approximately 1/2-3/4 cup lemon juice, either freshly squeezed or bottled not from concentrate (Note: not Meyer lemon juice)
  • 8-quart wide stainless steel soup pot, enameled cast iron dutch oven, or copper jam pan
  • Large silicone or other heatproof spatula
  • Oven mitts or heat-resistant gloves
  • Approximately 5 clean 8oz mason jars with lids or equivalent
  • Canning funnel
  • Ladle or 2 small heat proof pitchers
  • Access to an internet ready computer or tablet

Please note: The jam made together in this class will not be canned for long-term preserving. You will store it in the refrigerator and enjoy within 6 months.

Copyright 2021 Preserved. Any unauthorized use, dissemination, copying, or storage of this recording is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.


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