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Train your ESA Dogs with Dog Whistle Tool - 2022 Guide

At many points in our lives, we come across situations where we feel we are at our lowest or need some emotional support to function properly throughout the day. Different underlying factors can affect it obviously but many feel the same at one point or the other. For such situations, patients can keep emotional support animals. Emotional support animals can really work wonders for people suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other problem. All you need is an ESA letter and you will get a dog who can play with you, spend time with you, and tend to your emotional needs.

After you have been blessed with your ESA dog, then comes the hard part which is to train it. Training can be done with the help of a dog whistle which can help you teach your dog some actions or simply to make it listen to you.

If keeping a dog at your house isn't permissible then all you need to do is get an esa letter for housing and show it to your landlord. It will solve that issue for sure. If you have a dog by your side but are still unsure how to train it then don’t worry, I am here for your help and guidance. I am no expert either but you can surely trust me with this. Some possible steps and tips could be:

Firstly, make sure you know the difference between different frequency whistles. Get one and then stick to it throughout your life. This would ensure that your dog does not get confused during training.

Once you have bought the whistle then comes the time to actually use it. When giving commands to your ESA dog, make sure you set a specific number of whistle blows so that the ESA dogs can learn it easily.

ESA dogs are there for your emotional support and you would need them from time to time to help you recover so having them by your side is important. At times, dogs are away but for calling them, you can use one blow of a dog whistle. Give a straight hand up command while blowing your whistle once and ensure your dog sees it. Try it multiple times every day so that they become used to it.

One blow of the whistle will make your dog listen to you or become attentive towards you. This can be used to call them. Wherever the dog would be, they will come running to you if you blow your whistle once at least.

Two blows of the whistle are used to call the dog and then another command follows. For instance, a dog is in a pool then one blow of the dog whistle would mean that it looks at you, and then another whistle with a hand gesture of coming out or coming towards you would give them the idea that they are asked to come to you. Two commands can be given at the same time using a dog whistle.

Multiple blows can be used according to your own liking and understanding of your emotional support animal letter. This can help you call them, direct them, and have them by your side through thick and thin.

ESA dogs are loving animals. They really try to give their all to their owner. You have to make sure you are on good terms with your dog too. This will require lots of treats while you are training them but don’t be miserly there. ESA dogs are easy to train. Good luck with your adventure and make the training fun with treats and lots of hugs. For more information, do visit visit

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