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Villa Jerada Harissa

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  • About This Item

    Villa Jerada’s harissa stands out amongst other brands because of its unique flavor as well as because of its quality. Unfortunately, most brands on the shelf use vegetable oil instead of olive oil, and a lot of water and salt. On the contrary, Villa Jerada’s has almost a half preserved lemon per jar and an abundance of fresh harvest certified organic extra virgin Moroccan olive oil. In fact, you can tell just by the color. The peppers used are extremely red and blackened yet the final result is a beautiful orange brick harissa due to the amount of green olive oil and preserved lemons added.


    Villa Jerada imports, distributes and makes artisanal pantry items of the traditional Moroccan repertoire. They credit their success to the relationships they build through strong service and dedicated customers that they consider family.

  • Ingredients

    Dried chili peppers, water, olive oil, cumin, coriander, garlic powder, preserved lemons, mint, caraway seed, tomato paste, vinegar, salt.

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