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Sarah Kersten Fermentation Crocks

  • About This Item

    Handmade by Oakland Ceramicist Sarah Kersten, these fermentation jars are crafted with a waterlock seal, an ancient design which allows for an oxygen-free environment— the gold standard of vegetable fermentation. Use for making bountiful batches of kraut, kimchi, kosher-style dills, mixed pickles, hot sauce, preserved lemons and more!


    • Small crock holds ~ 2 quarts, sits 7" tall and 7" across
    • Medium crock hold ~3.5 quarts, sits 8" tall and 9.5" across


    To use, prepare and pack vegetables inside the jar, making sure there's enough brine to cover. Place weights (included) on top fill the channel at the jar’s mouth with water. Place the lid on top. The water moat creates an airlock, allowing CO2 (naturally produced from fermentation) to escape but inhibiting oxygen from entering the crock. This reduces the risk of mold (which is common and if you experience mold it can simply be skimmed off the top).

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