Nuka Rice Bran Pickle Kit

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    Learn to make your own Nukazuke aka Japanese Rice Bran Pickles. These unique pickles are made by fermenting vegetables in a rice bran pickling “bed” (aka nukadoko). Almost any vegetable may be pickled through this technique, though traditional varieties include eggplant, daikon radish, cabbage & cucumber. The taste of nuka pickles can vary from pleasantly tangy to very sour, salty and pungent. It takes time to "prime" your pickling bed, about 6 weeks of daily stirring until ready. But your pickling bed can last a lifetime, getting better and more flavorful with age! 


    Kit includes 2 lbs rice bran, 1/2 oz kombu seaweed, 10 small dried chili peppers and 1 cup sea salt. Recipe Included. Optional Gallon Fermenting Jar. Ceramic crocks available in-store only. 

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