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Nigella Seeds

  • About This Item

    Also known as Black Cumin, or Tikur Azmud in Ethiopia, Nigella is considered as a holy ingredient in most of North Africa and the Middle East. The rich, nutty flavors of Brundo’s Tikur Azmud are brought to you by the careful hand harvesting efforts of our dedicated farmers in the foothills of Modjo, Ethiopia. We love its nutty and onion aromas on flatbreads like our Sourdough Naan, vegetable spreads, chutneys, as a garnish on salads and in savory porridge.


    Net wt: 2 oz

  • How To Use

    • Lightly toast them to release essential oils and throw them whole into curries, soups, or sauces
    • Sprinkle on top of breads or pastries, or incorporate them in bread doughs and batters for added flavor and crunchy texture
    • Add them to pickles, relishes, or chutneys

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