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J Street Chocolates

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    Local Chocolatier and former Preserved employee, Julia Street, is exploring chocolate through the world of fermentation and upcylced food!


    A-maize-ing : made from cocoa butter*, heirloom corn from Tierra Vegetables, gluten free oats*, cane sugar*, fermented maizo (miso made from masa*, rice koji, salt), local rosemary


    55% Caramelized Koji Milk Chocolate : made from cacao beans from Tanzania*, cocoa butter*, cane sugar*, caramelized rice koji (Koda Hills white rice*, aspergillus oryzae)


    Rye Not: made from cacao beans from Camino Verde in Ecuador*, sourdough rye bread (wheat sourdough starter*, stone ground rye flour from Capay Mills, sunflower seeds*), cocoa butter*, sea salt


    Sourdough Crunch: Made from cacao beans from Anamalai India*, assorted Fox and Lion sourdough bread (sourdough starter*, organic wheat flour*, sea salt), cocoa butter*, sea salt


    Moromi: Made from cacao beans from Camino Verde in Ecuador*, coconut sugar*, cocoa butter*, Shared Cultures Shoyu Moromi (shoyu lees left over from pressing the sauce made from lentils*, quinoa*, water, sea salt, koji)


    Miso Chocolate: made from cacao nibs from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania*, coconut sugar*, cacao nib miso (cacao nibs from Kokoa Kamili*, white rice koji (Koda Farms rice*, aspergillus oryzae, sea salt)


    69% "Hot Chocolate" : made from cacao beans from Camino Verde in Ecuador*, cane sugar*, fermented chili paste (Riverdog Farms jalapeños peppers*, sea salt), less than 1% cocoa butter*


    Save Some For Sesame:  made from cocoa butter*, sesame seeds*, gluten free oats*, cane sugar*, local preserved Meyer lemons (Meyer lemons, sea salt), candied local Meyer lemon peels (Meyer lemons, cane sugar*)


    * organic

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