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Diaspora Kashmiri Chilli Powder

  • About This Item

    Grown by the Farukh family on their ancestral land in Pulwama in the Kashmir valley, this is true Kashmiri mirch. Deep scarlet in color, these chillies bring the flavor on so many levels with sweet notes of prune and pineapple, a touch of bright acidity (hello, citrus aroma!), and a whisper of rich, salinity akin to tamari, plus a medium-to-hot heat that’ll sneak up on ya.


    The powdered version of this chilli is as versatile as it is delicious, bringing both vibrant color and incredible chilli taste to a variety of dishes, including Kashmiri favorites rogan josht and nadru yakhni (lotus root cooked in yogurt gravy).


    Diaspora Co is on a mission to decolonize the spice trade and bring us the freshest, most flavorful, sustainable and equitable spices.


    Net Wt 1.58oz (45g)

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