Charcoal Tooth Powder

  • About This Item

    Have a little fun with your daily brushing routine, and don’t be afraid to Get Dirty! This funky, minty toothpowder is an all-natural alternative to traditional toothpaste.  Did you know tooth Powder has been around since the ancient Egyptian’s, Romans and Greeks? Natural earth clays, essential oils and herbs were the go to for teeth health then and now. Whiten, Brighten + Detoxify with activated coconut charcoal, bentonite clay, sage, turmeric & wintergreen, spearmint and peppermint. Formulated to re-mineralize; your teeth and detoxify your mouth. Also polishes and scrubs teeth while balancing PH levels in your mouth, freshening breath, removing plaque and fighting cavities. 

  • Use Instructions

    • Wet the toothbrush
    • Dip the tip of the bristles into the powder
    • Brush for at least 2 mins, twice a day and rinse as usual
    • Experience fresh breath and a whiter smile