BrewDog Elvis Juice Beer Kit

  • About This Kit

    BrewDog's Elvis Juice is a delicious citrus bomb of a beer. Intense American hops and fresh grapefruit added during the boil give this IPA a bitter edge and a bright citrus sip that'll make you pucker.  

    Included in the Brooklyn Beer Shop - BrewDog Elvis Juice Beer Making Kit

    • BrewDog Elvis Juice 1 Gallon, All-Grain Mix
    • Amarillo Hops 
    • Citra Hops
    • Simcoe Hops 
    • Beer Making Yeast
    • Glass Fermentation Jug
    • Thermometer
    • Racking Cane 
    • Tubing 
    • Tubing Clamp
    • Screw-cap Stopper
    • Airlock 
    • No-Rinse Sanitizer 

    All the equipment in the Beer Making Kits is reusable. All you need for your next batch is another Beer Making Mix and packet of No-Rinse Sanitizer.