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fresh turmeric

Grate the fresh turmeric using a rasp grater or a food processor. Fill a clean, dry jar halfway with the grated turmeric. Crack fresh pepper generously over the turmeric (optional). Black pepper helps our bodies absorb curcumin (a powerful anti-inflammatory) from the turmeric. Pour the honey into the jar covering the turmeric by about one inch. Stir to combine. As the turmeric ferments in the honey, it can bubble up a bit, so make sure to leave a little head space from the top. Cover jar with a loose lid and ferment at room temperature for 4 weeks. Stir the ferment every couple of days. The honey will become slightly more liquid.

Use in savory sauces, dressings, marinades and braises or make a tisane with hot water and fresh lemon/ lemon juice.

Honey being poured over a jar of grated fresh turmeric


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